Update the YPC Story

Our last YPC story post was June 2019. We’ve grown so much since then!

First step to updating the story: interviewing coordinator role holders. Lead on this project: @JukyChen

Interview questions:

  • What’s the history of YPC?
  • What’s your YPC story? Why did you decide to join YPC? What work/roles are you doing?
  • What impact has YPC had, what have been its accomplishments? When did these things happen?
  • What’s your vision for YPC? Where is YPC going?
  • What are we facing right now and where do we need help?
  • How did YPC start with sociocracy? What was it at the beginning when we just had a small group? How do we implement sociocracy in that case?

Interviews will be recorded and the content can be used in many different ways.


  • Newsletter
  • Timeline
  • Website
  • Blog posts

Juky has finished the interviews! View the full interviews. Erina and Carline’s videos transcribed here.

Next Steps
Recruit video editor (?)
Cut out specific segments (highlights here)
Edit segments with captions and background
Add videos to YouTube
Add videos to website
Add videos that are shorter than 1 minute to Instagram Video