Update tags on the Hub to match the emojis we use in Slack Shoutouts

We have tags for our 7Cs and our Values that use tag icons

View all our tags here:

Notice how the 7C tags all have a “C” next to them while our Values tags all have a :heart:next to them.

View our documentation on tags here to see how we add these icons:

Meanwhile in Slack we use emojis tied to each of the 7Cs and our Values.

It’s Shout Out Time! Are there any teammates that you want to give a shout out to for something great they did this week? Choose a Shout Out to give from our 7Cs of Collective Impact and/or our Values

Our 7Cs

:fist:t6: Community Leadership • :earth_africa: Comprehensive • :art: Co-Creative • :dart: Equity-Centered • :deciduous_tree: Well-Capitalized • :hugging_face: Caring • :zap: Courageous

Our Values

:heart: Lead with Love • :hammer: Build in Public • :fireworks: Own Our Impact • :spider_web: Embrace Emergence • :traffic_light: Act on Principle.

I think it’d be a fun project to make the emojis consistent across Slack and the Hub. :smiley: