Update Progress Bar / Thermometer on Youth Power Pack Campaign Page

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The Campaign

The Idea
Add a progress bar / thermometer to the Youth Power Pack Campaign Page. Idea from A.L. because they said they’re motivated by seeing progress towards goals.


I made the change using the Add A Fundraising Thermometer in 3 Mins tool.

To update the thermometer:

  1. Look up our recurring donations amount in Flipcause
  2. Enter the information at Coupon Bird’s Fundraising Thermometer Page. Use
  • Style: Classic
  • Display: Horizontal
  • Campaign Name: Goal
  • Currency: $
  • Goal: 5000
  • Amount Raised: Amount from Flipcause
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: Any
  1. Download the image they generate
  2. Crop the image so that there’s less white space above and below the image
  3. Change the image on the Flipcause Campaign About page
  4. Update the written amount and date of update

Evaluation from A.L. was LOOKS AMAZING. :smile: