Transfer Partnerships Tracker to the Hub

Right now we use this Google Sheet (private to the YPC team) to track our recruitment and our partners status. Now that we have so many new potential partners, especially, it’s outgrowing our Google Sheet. I’m thinking we need an update!


  • Create private categories for only team members to access
  • We can use our usual project status tags of #idea, #understanding, #exploring, #ready, #implementing, #evaluating, #done, and #documentation
  • We can use the Assign functionality to track who’s the contact for each member and each partner


  • We make each partner a “Peer” on Peerdom. They can then be members of different circles in a defined Partner role.

I just invited members of the Outreach Partnerships circle to the Hub and they’ve committed to testing out the Partners Tracker! In that process I figured out that I needed to update the welcome message. Haha. Totally should have done that before I invited new people.

We’ve now tested the partnerships tracker for 2 months. In that time, I am the only one who has used it to add a potential partner and to write updates.

I’m thinking that we can mitigate this by having a role whose domain includes tracking partnerships.

Read up on the role description here.

I just demoed the partnerships tracker with William and made the following change

  • Use chat-integration to automatically send new partnerships tracker topics to Slack to discuss

William recommended that I demo how to use it. Brainstorm:

How to Add Partner

  • Must tag with circle
  • Must tag with status
  • Topic Template
    • Title
    • Overview
    • Contact
    • Can leave things blank
  • Assign Partner Liaison
  • How Partnerships Tracker topic shows up in Slack

How To Update Partnerships Tracker

  • During Circle Meetings, filter for circle tag
  • Reply to topic for quick updates and discussions
  • If partnership moves to movement partner / mission partner status, would be valuable to create a shared permanent storage as well
    • Partnerships Folder in Google Drive
    • Partner Meeting Notes (for partners where you want to share the meeting notes)
  • Every partnerships tracker topic is a Wiki

Consider setting an automatic bump feature in this category so that we are reminded of partners that we have not updated in a while.

What’s each partnership status?

  • Idea: haven’t contacted or done any real research
  • Understanding: researching and understanding context
  • Exploring: in talks
  • Deciding: have a partnership agreement written out and now going through consent process
  • Ready: yay, everything’s been decided but not ready ready yet to move forward. Kind of like a holding place.
  • Implementing: getting next steps done
  • Evaluating: maybe we always set a 3 month review period and check in after that (make sure evaluation meeting is set on circle meeting notes or on people’s calendar)
  • Sharing: share out partnership in places that make sense (Peerdom, website, social media, etc.)
  • Ongoing: partnership agreement has been affirmed
  • Not-doing: We’ve decided it’s not a fit. Not to say that it can’t restart, but for now the decision was to not pursue.
  • Done: Our partnership has come to a close. Not to say that it can’t restart again, but for now the term has ended

How to Renew Partnership

  • Set term dates for partnerships
  • When partner liaisons move out of organizing roles, search for their assigned partners and reassign
  • New partner liaisons introduce themselves.

Carline just used the Partnerships Tracker.

She said that these directions were pretty easy to follow:

Directions on how to use the Partnerships Tracker

  • Navigate to the Partnerships Tracker Category on the Hub
  • Click “New Topic”
  • Title with full name of partner and abbreviation if necessary
  • Fill out the relevant information (you can leave things blank that you don’t have information for)
  • Tag the post with the circle(s) that work with the partner
  • Tag the post with the status of the partner (e.g. exploring if we’re in contact but haven’t finalized a partnership agreement yet)
  • Reply with new posts or edit the first post to keep information about a partner updated
  • Assign someone to the partner if they have a specific YPC Liaison

What could be improved:

Write in the template what content goes in the sections about

  • Partnership Agreement: (something about next steps, details, commitment)
  • Related Project: Links to any projects we’re currently on
  • Past Projects: Links to projects that we’ve collaborated on but have since completed :tada:

I have another idea, which is to rename this category Partner Reports instead. I think it better captures the goal of the category, to report things in order for everyone to have information needed to foster strong relationships with our partners. Another benefit is that we can now create a sister category called Member Reports and it matches our practice of Meeting Reports. Tracker sounds too management-y in my opinion.

Other Ideas

  • Partner Updates
  • Partner Notes

I’m kind of liking Partner Notes. Simple to understand and really friendly. I’m just going to go with Partner Notes. Good enough!