TOP PRIORITY: Set-up Flipcause Version of Donation and Registration Page

I’ve signed up for a trial with Flipcause. These are our steps for evaluating Flipcause via the Launch Party and Fundraiser. It takes us from the registration page to accepting donations to making a final decision on whether to move forward with Flipcause.

Next Steps

Public Facing Site
[*] Connect Flipcause website with (see website preview)
[*] Create Interest Form (using Volunteer campaign because Flipcause doesn’t have a survey function)
[*] Change event confirmation to come from account (not
[*] Create Registration + Donation Page (using Event campaign)

Accepting Donations
[*] Check with 4.0 Schools on process for transferring money from Flipcause to them as our fiscal sponsor
… [*] What are the requirements for donor acknowledgement? You would only need to state that the donation is for you c/o of your Fiscal Agent
… [*] What option do we use for transfer of funds? (Option 1: Superadmin requests check to be sent to 4.0 Schools, Option 2: 4.0 Schools adds bank information to Flipcause) We would need to take the check option
… [*] What reporting needs to be done on overall financial transactions? Who those donors are, how much they contributed, when, and what their contact info is
… [*] Figure out which EIN we should raise money under We need to raise it under #NYCEDU because 4.0 is a fiscal agent, not a fiscal sponsor
[*] Set up automated statements
[*] Add payout process to Flipcause

Mailing List
[*] Set-up Mailing List signup on website
… [*] Figure out how to get contacts in Flipcause to Mailchimp
… [*] Figure out how to get birthdates into Flipcause (I think we do this via demographic info on the pledge card)

Live Donations
[*] Test live donations process (Option 1: Mobile App, Option 2: Backend Entry from Pledge card, Option 3: Bring Your Own Device, Option 4: Rent Card Reader)
[*] Write directions for volunteers on how to accept live donations

Data Import
[*] Decide what data to import
[*] Schedule appointment with data import team

Platform Evaluation
[*] Decide on platform by 3/14 (end of trial period)

@michael I just gave you access to the Flipcause platform so you can play around with it. I recommend you test out the Event campaign creation process and options so that when we’re ready to make our event page, that’s ready to go.

The interest form I can work with the Flipcause team to figure out — could you just send me your wording so I can have them put it on our website? I also think the interest form could ask how much they’d like to donate ahead of time!

My next priority is to figure out how we get money that’s donated through the platform to our fiscal sponsor.

And we’re done! Flipcause has been successfully tested for our launch party and we’re using it in the future!