Strategy Session - Dec 2019

Hey Good People - @board-circle

Our strategy session is 10 days away :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the (tentative) Participant Agenda.

Also sharing sharing the Facilitator Agenda. Link here and it is copy & pasted below.

Could you all send me any feedback by Tuesday Dec 10, 5 pm?

Some feedback I (think) I could use lol:

  • Icebreaker ideas
  • Sections to cut
  • Sections to combine/synthesize
  • Volunteer to facilitate open items
  • Additional materials needed
Time Boundary Topics Objective Facilitator Materials
12:00 PM Space Set Up Board N/A
12:30 PM Doors Open To do some relationship building and encourage an on-time start Board Name Tags
1:10 PM Opening Review meeting’s purpose, goal, and agenda Michael Hard copies of agenda
1:15 PM Introductions Relationship building and short icebreaker Michael TBD
1:30 PM History of NYCEDU Review organization’s history Deborah
1:45 PM BREAK #1
1:50 PM Brainstorming Generate ideas for potential NYCEDU programing
1:55 PM Reflection Pair up and discuss ideas generated during brainstorming Small note pads (?)
2:05 PM Share Out #1 Discussion on potential program ideas Flip chart/markets or dry erase board/dry erase markers
2:15 PM BREAK #2
2:25 PM Evaluate Look at the strengths and challenges of each proposed idea Scrap paper
2:35 PM Prototype Create outlines and skeletons for potential strategies Scrap paper
2:55 PM Share Out #2 Review prototypes and select three strategies to prioritize
3:15 PM BREAK #3
3:20 PM Strategize Discuss “how, what, when” for each strategy Michael Flip chart/flip markers or Dry erase board/dry erase markers
3:50 PM Action Commitments and Next Step Michael
3:55 PM Check Out Michael
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Look great Michael, can’t wait!

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Thanks @jmckinney and looking forward to Sunday!

Thanks Farzana! I can’t wait either!

So excited!!! I think it looks great, @michael.

Icebreaker ideas:

  • Share a story about your name, like what it means or what was the inspiration behind it.
  • You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it and why?
  • What’s something you want to brag about today? Can be something small like “I went to sleep on time.”
  • What’s one part of your identity that you lead with and how?

Volunteer: How do you feel about a Crazy 8s format for prototyping? If you’re for it, I volunteer to facilitate the prototyping + share out #2.

Additional Materials:

  • Post-it notes for the brainstorming. That way we can group the ideas, move them around when we’re evaluating, etc. We’ll have a whiteboard!
  • What should we do for snacks? Potluck?

Also, my apologies for giving the feedback late. I hope it still came in, in time!

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Hey @deborahchang thanks for the feedback!

The “story behind the name” icebreaker has always yielded interesting stories! But I haven’t heard of the “unlimited supply” activity and it sounds fun! So we’ll roll with that.

Thumbs up on “Crazy 8s” for prototyping and you facilitating Share Out #2.

I’ll share out a list of supplies. So we can see what we have/don’t have. I’ll include Post-Its in the lists and tell folks that snacks = potluck.

Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: #teamwork

Hey Everyone,

Very excited to see everyone on Sunday!

Doors open at 12:30, when we’ll have snacks and get to know each other casually :slight_smile:

It’s potluck-style, so feel free to bring your favorite snacks, yummy treats, and all other types of goodness!

The agenda is linked in this thread. It’s also in the Google Calendar invite.


(cc @board-circle @jmckinney)

Hi Everyone, so excited for this meeting - my one concern is that we spend a lot of time with intros and story and not tons of time thinking and brainstorming. (30 min)

Hi Everyone, you can ignore my last comment. I sent it yesterday from my phone and it looks like It didn’t go through. Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!