Solidaire's Movement Infrastructure Fund due April 23, 2021

Our Application (Private Folder)

Solidaire is interested in movement infrastructure proposals that support resistance through systems and tools, as well as proposals that build transformative futures through agency and scale.
Examples include:

  • starting or expanding a community-owned broadband initiative;
  • building out communications tools or staff to advance narrative or culture change;
  • intervening on cases against corporations or the government with progressive legal assistance;
    expanding organizers in rural places;
  • security training and equipment purchases; or
    campaigns for local housing solutions.

I believe we would be a good fit for their muti-year support program.

Grants range in size from $20,000 to $200,000.

Apply Here

More Info

2021 Solidaire Grantmaking Opportunities Webinar

@JackieM Take a look and let me know what you think!

Jackie and I submitted the application!

Reflections on my end

  • Video answers were definitely the way to go
  • I think we could have been clear that we were looking for a multi-year grant. That would have been transformational.
  • Let’s build on the momentum and take our videos to the next level! For example, our answers to question #1 could totally be made into a general video that’s shared widely via social media and featured on our website.
  • We really need to figure out how to store photos and videos.

UPDATE: We were rejected for this grant but the benefit is that Jackie created an AMAZING video + I definitely had a better idea of what our network structure is. Maybe next time.