Slack Icebreakers, Shoutouts, etc

Right now I’ve been trying out every other Friday posting this in _announcements on Slack

It’s Shoutout Time! Are there any YPC members that you want to give a shoutout to for something great they did this week? Choose a Shout Out to give from our 7Cs of Collective Impact and/or our Values. Self shout-outs are welcome, too!

Our 7Cs
:fist::skin-tone-6: Community Leadership • :earth_africa: Comprehensive • :art: Co-Creative • :dart: Equity-Centered • :deciduous_tree: Well-Capitalized • :hugging_face: Caring • :zap: Courageous

Our Values
:heart: Lead with Love • :hammer: Build in Public • :fireworks: Own Our Impact • :spider_web: Embrace Emergence • :traffic_light: Act on Principle.

Here are some ideas of other types of all team posts, maybe on alternating weeks?

Community Care : What kind of care do you need from your community this week? Is there anything you need help with, or anything that you’d like to offer to help with?

I’m thinking posting this on Monday may be good because it allows people to chime in during the week.

Feedback and Ideas : What ideas do you have for improving YPC? Would you want to move this idea forward yourself? Or would you like anyone / any circle in particular to consider it? You can also use this reminder to give feedback to one another as YPC members.

We’ll need guidance for how to give each other feedback though. When does the feedback start as a 1:1 communication, and when is it brought up in a circle or when do we enlist a third person’s support?

A potential place to get feedback guidance

Building Trust: Sentence Starters for Giving Feedback