Setup CollectiveVoice to allow for Distributed Decision-Making Cross-Platform

Metagov Gateway helps communities govern themselves.

This is how Metagov would work with Open Collective, where when an expense is submitted on Open Collective, it can be approved by community, not just by an admin. :heart:

Here’s a great explainer video of the full concept!

May 18, 2023

Val from Metagov and I met to catch up.


  • Metagov’s tool is now called CollectiveVoice
  • The CollectiveVoice team will try to implement an automatic posting to Slack when people use a Virtual Card
  • The CollectiveVoice team will also try to add notifications to their no-code version (which they’re piloting and which doesn’t have notifications functionality yet)


Where I hope we’ll be able to use CollectiveVoice next is with June’s Youth Power Convening.