Recruit Video Producer

I anticipate us producing more and more videos as we move into leadership development training.

We’re needing a person that

  • documents how people should be recording online events
  • acts in alignment with our principles of equity, love, building in public, etc.
  • does light editing as necessary to trim content, add slide transitions, etc.
  • posts video to YouTube
  • transcribes or manages transcription of audio and add to video as captions
  • chooses appropriate titles, thumbnail, description, etc.
  • publishes a blog post with the video + transcript
  • cuts clips for shorter videos to share in social media
  • saves and organizes original recordings in standard storage system


  • Advice on how to find this person?
    • Could a volunteer do this?
    • Any recommended affordable service providers?
  • Do you have policies and standard operating procedures for how you handle videos that you’re willing to share?
  • What resources do we invest in this?

Ideally, I’d want anyone on our team to be able to send a video to this person who then handles this workflow.


Volunteer Match and Taproot

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CLXContent helps nonprofits with marginalized storys on a mission get their story heard on social media by creating objective driven video content. Our services include video production, video editing and videography. Our service helps nonprofits amplify their mission, make it more palpable and show doners how they are helping their communities.


typically the nonprofits that I work with they send me the video content that they already have so that’s zoom recordings, webinars and live video,

from there I can make smaller videos for their social media, website and email campaigns.

If needed I also script the videos and then hop on zoom and record the videos there and then edit them.

I do objective driven video creation so you tell me where the video is going and it’s purpose and I edit it and send it back


I do retainer based which means you can send over a certain amount of video content each month for a fixed price

or I do per project pricing model

If you have a lot of video needs I suggest the retainer so you can get consistent video content every month
They are customized to what type of video content you need.

Some things I take into consideration is

Do we need to record anything on zoom

Do you already have the video content

Do you need short clips for social media or is it longer content that’s going on YouTube

Do you need the video transcribed


Was really responsive!
Love the mission
Supporting Black businesses all the way

Next Steps

Book discovery call:

Youth FX


Next Steps

Sent an email asking if they have any recommended partners. Waiting to hear back.

NYC Media Labs


Media Labs : NYC Parks

Next Steps

Emailed, waiting to hear back

Helpful Tools
Zubtitle for subtitles and transcripts. Has 20% off for nonprofits.