Recruit Internal Comms Members

  • What we do
    • Promotes transparency, accountability, and collaboration through knowledge management
  • We’re looking for
    • Freshman or Sophomore
    • Black Indigenous and/or Person of Color
    • Likes writing
    • Likes organizing or learning to organize information (e.g., color-coding, categorizing, and/or mind mapping)
    • Likes learning new technology
  • Examples of what the internal comms team does
    • Creates systems for recording and documenting information (e.g., meeting notes template)
    • Explores and decides on the best technology tools to support knowledge management for the Youth Power Coalition (e.g., Slack)
    • Trains Youth Power Coalition members on how to use internal comms-focused practices

UPDATE: We included the following sentence in the Newsletter

Join us if you like to organize things, take notes, and write clear instructions for anything and everything!