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Create tools that support all board members in recruiting new board members
Brainstorm potential people to fill this role (10 mins)
Write communications template so we can all message our networks to ask for support

Advice from Mica: Contact A Bookkeeping Cooperative for leads (but not a place to recruit as this is their profession)

And Hadassah Damien

Update from Board Chair / Executive Director Meeting

Michael will do the following by September 29th to identify candidates for Board Treasurer

  • Spread the word on LinkedIn
  • Look within his network for recommendations
  • Email SELC

Update: @Nandy wrote a recruitment post for an accountant! They’ll share here and we should all post it to our own networks.

Hello everyone! Here’s the post that i made on my LinkedIn for recruiting an Accountant (modified here). Hope it helps!

"We, at Youth Power Coalition (YPC), are a non-profit that supports youth empowerment. We are currently looking to recruit an Accountant who is a Master’s degree student majoring in accounting for our organization. The following are the requirements for this role:

  1. Must be a Master’s degree Accounting major.

  2. Must be ready to spend atleast 2-3 hours every week for volunteer work.

  3. Must be able to independently handle the accounting work of non-profits. (must know Quickbooks).

  4. Must care about the values of YPC while handling the role, such as transparency in all financial activities and a decentralized budgetary process.

Here’s YPC’s website address: [YPC - Home (]

This is a great way to add to your resume. If you’re interested, please email us at or visit YPC’s website to apply.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks @Nandy ! I just posted a version to my own LinkedIn feed: Deborah Chang on LinkedIn: We're looking for a volunteer accountant to join the Youth Power Coalition