Present at Sociocracy in Schools Conference (Conference January 15th)

Sociocracy for All invited us to submit a proposal to present at their first Sociocracy in Schools Conference.

I think it could be a good opportunity for us!

We would need to be available for one hour on January 15th from 9 AM to 1 PM Eastern.

  1. Are you interested in being a presenter? If so, when are you available?

  2. What could the presentation be about? We have 45 minutes.

  • Type of presentation? Q&A, short talk, panel discussion, case study presentation, etc.
  • Presentation title?
  • Presentation description?

Update #1

Here’s what I submitted. I commit to presenting and hopefully I’ll be able to do this in an intergenerational team with one of you!

Presentation Type: Case Study Presentation

Title: Sociocracy in Youth Activism: How Youth Power Coalition is Building a Sociocratic Movement

Description: Youth Power Coalition is youth leaders and adult allies advocating for young people to have decision-making power in all spaces where decisions impacting young people are made from nonprofit boards to city hall. We’re advocating for lowering the voting age to 16, training both young people and adults in intergenerational governance, and creating an online forum to connect youth activists everywhere. Our organizing team is 90% Black, Indigenous, and people of color and 50% young people under 18.

In this case study presentation, you’ll find out

  • Why we chose sociocracy as our governance model
  • How we customized sociocracy to work in a movement organization
  • Where we’ve been successful and where we’re facing challenges

Update #2

We’ve been accepted as presenters!
Conference Details: Sociocracy in schools - Sociocracy For All
Google Folder With Presentation Materials: 2022-01-15 Sociocracy in Schools Conference

Update #3
I gave the presentation with support from Carline! Here are the slides from the presentation. Waiting on Sociocracy for All to release the conference recordings.