Post quotes from youth activists to Instagram

we can post a quote from a youth activist every so often to like bulk up our instagram for the meantime (so we have some stuff for the newsletter, and so we can hopefully bring in more engagement)

thank @JackieM for this idea from our newsletter meeting!

Hi Samantha!

  1. Love the idea. I don’t think I need to follow this topic as much so I defer to whatever decisions people working on this make.

  2. Could you edit the post title to something more descriptive because that allows for us the team to easily scan for topics that are most relevant. A descriptive title for this one could be something like: “Post quotes from youth activists to Instagram.”

hey, i’m not really sure how to edit the title! and i can’t delete it and remake a new one either so i’m not sure what to do. sorry

Oh! I think what might be happening is you don’t have the editing permissions yet?

Do you see a pencil button next to the title?


[Image Description: Screenshot of button described above]

oh yea, i don’t have that. sorry!

Not a sorry! When we onboard people officially you’re given access to more powerful features, so definitely looking forward to you officially joining the team (:

I can change it for you right now.