Possible instagram posting schedule?

@Carlee123 @JackieM

i think we should continue our “meet the team!” saga of instagram posts. our instagrams look a little barren and unorganized with just Carline. but we’re getting there.

i also think that we need to figure out a way to make our instagram feed also look mice. so far we have this:Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 11.42.17 PM

i think that our next order of posts should be 1) the National Day of Mourning post, and then 2: another meet the team, and then 3) a reminder for the winter carnival. and then 4) then we can start the 7c of collective impact. so it’d be in an order like:

national day of mourning (11/26) > meet the team (11/30) > winter wonderland reminder (12/02) > 7Cs (12/04) > meet the team > 7Cs (12/07) > meet the team > (12/09) > 7Cs (12/11)…

and then we can adjust to add supplementary posts until we finish the meet the team/7Cs (for which we can make stories/highlights for, so that they’r easy to access).

after the national day of mourning post, i can start working on more meet the team, and 7Cs posts.

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I’m so in love with the initiative you’re taking here because we’ve been talking about needing a content calendar forever and it’s needed someone to really take the lead on laying attention to it. I think you should totally tag the other members of the External Comms circle in to give feedback on this specifically because the input really needs to come from the whole team. Jackie especially as Secretary role holder has been experimenting with how to track the content calendar. So give tagging via the Hub a try!

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it would only let me tag 2 users, so i’ll tag kellen and emmanuela here. @kellen @esepetia22

Hi @saf ! I’m marking this project as #done and closing it because you all have figured out your posting schedule.