Plan Community Board Campaign

We’ve decided to build our base of support for lowering the voting age by starting with community boards!

Community Board Event #1

The Advocacy Circle has decided to host an event to kickoff this campaign.

We’re now exploring the design of this event!


Everyone, please respond to the following questions by Sunday, October 10th.

  1. What might our goals be?

  2. What might the agenda include?

  3. What specific things do we need to do and who’s interested in doing them?

  4. What additional questions might we need to ask and answer?


When could we host the event? Please vote for every time that you’re available.

  • Monday November 15th at 7 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 10 AM
  • Sunday November 21st at 11 AM
  • Sunday November 21st at 12 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 1 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 2 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 3 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 4 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 5 PM
  • Sunday November 21st at 6 PM

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For this campaign, our current goals is to have insight on what do community boards do each week and what are the format of the current meetings. We need to know how to actually join one and how community boards implement change in their community.

The very first agenda is first looking up the community boards in our areas. As we find it, we can then potentially join a few meetings and discuss in our YPC circle how it works and overall our own experience.

Perhaps our goals may be to collaborate with other activist groups or to employ young speakers to share their stories with other youth about what it’s like to be a part of a community board? This may include discussions about how they dealt with difficult situations. The agenda might include: “What are community boards” and “How to access your own skills into one” If possible I would like to help advance the idea/goals by using my creativity to include posts about the campaign or create highlights of it for those who missed it.

One of the goals could be to try and invite certain speakers and organizers from other organizations with the same goal in mind as us. For example, we could invite an organizer from Vote16USA, and have them share a little about what they do, why youth voting matters, answer questions, etc. Not only that but also reach out to any other youth and see if they have any questions or just create a space for them to share what they believe will be valuable to our conversation. From there we can take notes, and in a later meeting sort through what big ideas we liked from the Community board. As for what i can contribute, i would be more than happy to help spread the word about the event. Posting and sharing things on social media, reaching out to organizers, anything within that realm.

Hey everyone!

Deborah and I have created the agenda for our upcoming community board event! Please check it out and tell us your feedback next meeting. See you all soon!

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