November Meeting Minutes

Hi @board-circle, please review the meeting minutes and +1 if you consent or reply with your proposed revisions!

Board Circle
November 14 Board Meeting
In Attendance:
Rachel Kate Miller, Michael Partis, Deborah Chang, Farzana Pritte

  • Approved October 2019 meeting minutes

  • Elected Michael as the interim Treasurer (added “interim” because we want to have a new Treasurer as soon as possible)

  • Committed to expanding the board circle with two new youth members, a treasurer, and a fundraiser expertise

  • Decided to explore sociocracy training to form a sociocracy community

  • Next meeting will be for possible new members of the circle and planning of a strategy

Next Steps

[*] Look into sociocracy training by Deborah by January 15th

[*]Proposal Timeline by Deborah by November 21st

[*]Proposal sociocracy like youth groups by Farzana by November 21st

NYCMER to get us space for launch event by Rachel by November 21st

[*]Share the event venue tool by Deborah by November 18th

Share comms Document by Michael by November 18th

[*]Look into tags on Discourse by Deborah by January 31st

[*]Ask Zaps for reps @ December Strategy by Deborah by November 21st

[*]NYPL space reservation by November 28 by Rachel

Ask about Treasurer for Board by Deborah by November 28th

[*]Meeting Minutes by Farzana by November 21st

[*]The calendar on NYCEDU Team by Michael by November 21st

Next meeting date/time : December 15, 1pm-4-pm

Link to full meeting notes


So helpful Farzana, thank you!

Question: Could you remind me what the “Proposal Timeline by Deborah by November 21st” is? I’m sorry, I don’t remember what this refers to!

Also, I went through and checked off all the next steps that I did remember and that I did complete. Super satisfying. :smile:

Hi @Michael,

I don’t recall what the Proposal Timeline is that Deborah is assigned, can you please remind us both?

Hey @board-circle - it was about the timeline on us hearing back about the Cobble Hill Foundation grant. (The one we would partner with Intergrate NYC on.)

Basically, we just wanted to know when we could hear back.

Thanks, @michael! Farzana, Rachel, and I all plan to be at the Integrate Youth Council event this Friday, so I’ll try to get an update on that.

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FYI @michael and @Far-Pritte, I checked with Zaps and she says that the grant info won’t come out until the summer. In the meantime, Zaps and I will schedule a time for #NYCEDU and IntegrateNYC to discuss other ways to partner in January. Will keep everyone updated!

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