Move Identities Survey to Flipcause

We have an identities survey that we’re really proud of! The challenge is that the survey is currently in Airtable, which is not synced up to our CRM where we track other things like who are organizers, who are donors, etc. I think we could move the identities survey to Flipcause which will then let us save all member information in the same place. Then when we need to pull numbers like what percent of our organizers identify by what race, gender, class, etc., we could export a report that includes identity questions filtered by who’s signed up as an organizer.

I just started doing this!

Things I’ve done

Create an Identities Survey Volunteer Campaign in Flipcause

Things in progress

  • Create separate campaigns for Join the YPC Team 2020 vs Join the YPC Team 2021
  • Ask for manual process to reassign 2020 organizers to newly created Join the YPC Team 2020 transactions from original campaign to new one

Things to do
Send organizers who have NOT filled out Join the YPC Team 2020 into the system: First Name, Last Name, Email, Ticket (C. Boston and E. Septia will have already been moved)
Mass tag for alumni
Update documentation so that when we clone, we set up campaign forwarding + update links elsewhere
Add fill out Identities Survey to onboarding
Upload previous Identities Survey responses to Flipcause