Move Hub to Youth Power Coalition Digital Ocean Team was previously on the amazing @seanperkins 's digital occean account. We’re moving it to a Youth Power Coalition Digital Ocean Team with admin@ as an owner of the team.

Progress as of January 4, 2022


  • We’re on the 6/month plan and are hitting the upper limit for space
    • Sean can make it possible for us to switch to 2 GB when we hit our size limit
    • Right now we’ll remove backups to free up more space
  • We submitted Youth Power Coalition’s tax exempt information so that we’re not charged for taxes

System Backups
We added this feature to our account

Team Account
Digital Ocean includes the ability to create teams.

  • We created a Youth Power Coalition team
  • We added Sean and Deborah as team members

Free up space
Add finance info to Quickbooks and Open Collective
Transfer Namecheap to Youth Power Coalition account