May 2020 Mission Circle Meeting

Meeting Date: May 20th, 2020

Attended By: @Carlee123 @michael @jmckinney @Far-Pritte @deborahchang + @Sophie.Xu (guest)

Decisions Made (elections, new policies, and/or operational decisions, all made via consent):

  • Next Mission Circle meeting is a retreat on June 20th, 10-2pm, Deborah and Carline facilitate
  • Carline and Jackie elected leads for External Comms Circle

Next Steps:

Far sends calendar invite for Mission Circle Retreat
Jackie and Carline coordinate to schedule meeting for External Comms
Carline and Deborah coordinate to schedule meeting for Retreat agenda creation
Far, Sophie, and Deborah connect about how we use Discourse within the Mission Circle
Michael connects with Deborah regarding all things Finance
Carline adds Deborah on Facebook ( so that Deborah can make Carline an admin of #NYCEDU’s Facebook page
Far sends group photo to Carline who will send out wrap-up (including Rachel!)

Future topics/Backlog:

  • Elections
    • Mission Circle Members
    • Mission Circle Roles
    • Board Members
    • Board Roles
  • Relationship between Youth Power Coalition and #NYCEDU

Next Meeting Date and Time:
June 20th, 10-2pm

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