Launch Facebook Fundraisers

I’ve found Facebook fundraisers pretty successful! I personally used my birthday to raise funds for #NYCEDU and have raised up to $800.

The great thing about Facebook fundraisers are how they can really tap into someone’s network without that person needing to do anything complicated, especially since Facebook even primes you on how to set up a fundraiser.

It’s not a place to get new long-term contributors, so we’ll need a way to support people who run Facebook fundraisers for us to recruit folx that may want to become regular contributors directly to YPC.

I do have questions about mission alignment with Facebook. Do we still use it given real concerns about Facebook’s role in spreading disinformation, discrimination in their algorithms, etc.?


Discuss whether we’ll use Facebook to raise money with Business Circle, External Comms Circle, and Mission Circle

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Note: Progress on this is blocked until we have our bank accounts registered under Youth Power Coalition, Inc

Ideas from Jamie!

Find time when audience is most motivated + make it as easy as possible


  • Birthdays
  • Back to school (like for educators)
  • Specific winnable fundraiser campaigns around winnable objectives


How to Create a Personal Facebook Fundraiser (from a desktop) - Watch Video

How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser (from a cell phone) - Watch Video

How to Add a Donation Button on Instagram Stories (from a cell phone) - Watch Video

One off donors vs recurring financial contributors
Jamie is personally motivated by giving one off even with organizations that he gives money often.

Do you think this will be possible?

I’m working on getting us the charitable giving tools on Facebook, now! It’s complicated by the fact that we just changed our name and not all of our records are updated yet. I’m really hoping that I can get it done by the time my birthday rolls around, but if I’m not able to, I’ll just launch an individual fundraiser and say the money goes to Youth Power Coalition + another organization.

@Carlee123 would know best about the overall external comms strategy. Carline, what do you think about Facebook Fundraisers?