Kick-off Meeting Agenda

Hi, this is the beginning of a draft agenda. Bullet points for now. Will mention you when it’s time for feedback! Add your own agenda items / share feedback!

  • (5 min) Nametags + Draw your favorite food

  • (3 min) Introductions

    • Name
    • Favorite food
    • One word to describe how you’re feeling about joining the board today?
  • (2 min) Context

    • We know our vision, mission, and values (pending board ratification), now we’re about the HOW
    • The HOW takes a diverse set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds + a unity of heart to figure out together
  • Roles

    • (15 min) Explore the needs of the board
      • What are the priorities for the organization?
      • What does the board need to accomplish by when to meet those priorities?
    • (10 min) Propose roles
      • What does each role entail?
    • (35 min) Explore where it makes the most sense for us to lead
      • What are our skills, motivations, perspectives, trajectories/timelines?
  • (15 min) Next steps

    • Brainstorm next meeting agenda
    • Set next meeting date and time
    • TBD
  • (5 min) Checkout

    • What’s one thing that went well?
    • What’s one thing that could go better at the board meeting?
    • How are you feeling now?

Hi Deborah, thanks for sharing this! I am guessing since you said " I will mention you when its time for feedback" that I should keep me mouth shut until you do that? :slight_smile: Excited to be a part of this! Thank you,

Hi Rachel, please, share now! I’m amending my post to remove the “will mention you when it’s time for feedback!” sentence. :smile:

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Hello! Ahaha, thanks for this! So my first thought is that we will have a lot to discuss about what the roles are, how we see them, the direction we’re going in, etc etc. And then the summary of next steps which will also most likely include owning/assigning tasks. In the interest of time and people’s attention I thought we should do an ice breaker that combines “super power” with “why was it important for you to join the board”. Maybe the flow is “Name tags & draw your favorite food” Introduce yourself with your name, your favorite food, and one word to describe what you bring to the board. What do you think?

If I had to guess I would say that the goal behind the “why it was important” is to gather and vocalize different perspectives and motivations, trajectories, etc. But I think we will get a lot of that meat in the discussion of roles.

Made some updates, @rachelkate.miller!


Changed this to one word to describe how you’re feeling about joining the board because I think a one word answer for that is a lot easier than one word for what you bring, which, like you said, will come out in the roles discussion.

Absolutely. Incorporated these questions into the agenda under “explore where it makes the most sense for us to lead”.

I also added times and made it a 90 min. agenda.

How’d I do?

it looks beautiful!!

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Our final kick-off agenda is here! Moving this task to #done. :confetti_ball: