June 2020 Mission Circle Retreat

Mission Circle + Board of Directors

Hello, folks! During the retreat, we built relationships and consented to multiple proposals on going forward with the Youth Power Coalition. Please review and +1 if you consent to these minutes and/or add revisions for me to incorporate! We’ll assume consent if you don’t reply within 48 hours. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meeting Date

From 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, June 20, current members of the Youth Power Coalition (YPC) and the #NYCEDU gathered together.


Elections, new policies, and/or operational decisions, all made via consent

We merged the #NYCEDU and Youth Power Coalition into one org: the Youth Power Coalition.
…. Our purposes mostly aligned, so we decided that some current #NYCEDU members would transition to take up operational YPC roles (along with their #NYCEDU roles), whereas some current YPC members would become selected into the merged group’s mission circle (and still hold their YPC roles).

External Comms will continue to revise the vision, mission, and aims of the merged org.

Final Members of Coordination & Department Circles:
…. Coordination Circle: Kadija, Julisa, Deborah, Sophie, Carline, Far, William, & Kellen
…. External Comms Department Circle: Kadija, Carline, Kellen, Jackie, Mariana, & Julisa
…. Outreach / Partnerships Circle: Deborah & Far
…. Policy and Advocacy Circle: William, Sophie, & Julisa
…. Internal Comms Circle: Far, Carline, Deborah, & Sophie

Final Members of Mission Circle:
…. President / Lead: Far and Michael (Interim)
…. Secretary: Sophie & Deborah
…. Treasurer: Michael (Interim) + Sophie and Kellen Learning
…. Facilitator: Carline w/ Deborah in Support
…. Other Functions: William (Advocacy) + Jackie (Fundraising through External Comms)
…. Stakeholders: Kadija Learning and Julisa

Final Members of the Board of Directors:

…. President: Far (2 more years) and Michael (1 more year) (Interim)
…. Secretary: Deborah (2 more years)
…. Treasurer: Michael (Interim)
…. Other Functions: Jackie (1 more year)
…. Stakeholders: Julisa (1 more year)

We identified needing to create two helping circles before our next Mission Circle Meeting: Strategy Helping Circle and Merging Helping Circle (A helping circle/committee does one-off projects that have a clear end date and is in support of an existing circle)
…. Strategy Helping Circle: Puts a proposal together for short- and long-term plans
…. Merging Helping Circle: Sorts out logistics for merging the #NYCEDU & Youth Power Coalition into the Youth Power Coalition

Next Steps

…. [*] Sophie sends meeting minutes
…. Deborah sends Sophie books on Sociocracy
…. Sophie reads Secretary onboarding materials
…. (when Helping Circles have been set) Sophie sends poll to find date for next Mission Circle Meeting

…. Michael and Far catch Rachel up on results of Retreat
…. Carline, Far, Michael, and Sophie (TBD Next Steps for these Leads!) of Helping Circles respond to Deborah’s email

Future topics/Backlog

Train all new Mission Circle members in the roles they were selected for.
Clarify wording in the merge proposal (mission, vision, and aims).
Regroup Merging and Strategy Helping Circles so that they start their work.

Next Meeting Date and Time

Secretaries’ Meeting June 20th at 6pm [completed]
Finance Meeting June 23rd at 8pm
TBD External Comms Meeting
TBD Strategy Meeting
TBD Merging Meeting

Link to Full Meeting Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8Z3VO-AF8JCtTIgdbQdu0idOw9OMtey84a68wdFCzE/edit#heading=h.6sqw3xar0m5a

Attended By

Board Members

Deborah Chang
Michael Partis
Rachel Kate Miller

⅔ Quorum of Board Reached?


Additional Mission Circle Members

Carline Boston
Far Pritte
Jackie McKinney

⅔ Quorum of Additional Mission Circle Reached?


Other Attendees

Julisa Pérez Gómez
Kadija Kone
Kellen Zeng
Sophie Xu
William Diep

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