July 2020 Mission Circle Meeting

Mission Circle + Board of Directors

Hello, folx! Here are the meeting minutes! Check out the next steps first! Please review and +1 if you consent to these minutes and/or add revisions for me to incorporate! We’ll assume consent if you don’t reply within 48 hours. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meeting Date

From 6 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, July 30, current members of the Youth Power Coalition (YPC) mission circle gathered together.


Elections, new policies, and/or operational decisions, all made via consent

Three 2020-2021 Goals
…. (1) Make visible youth power
…. (2) Grow in the number of partners and people
…. (3) Set a strong foundation for organizational health and development [funding, team, and governance]
We must have an intergenerational team to bottom-line each goal we choose to work on.
…. Each sub-team will discuss their plan for accomplishing their goal.

On merging, we decided to
…. stay as Youth Power Coalition publicly but wait to see how our org develops before making any changes legally.
Far, Carline, and Rachel left after this discussion.
The Internal Comms team will continue migrating things to youthpowercoalition.org and organizing by circle.

External Comms will
…. (1) send BLM related content to Carline
…. (2) review BLM and Name Change newsletters before we send them

For Art and Design, Kellen is facilitating a redesign of our logo with support from Carline, Deborah, Rachel, Sophie, and an adult ally (A.L.).

For Finances, we decided to use Open Collective! Some todo items:
…. End of Year Filings
…. Lawyer’s Alliance Partnership
…. Handbook

Advocacy will join a group of folx (w/ Marsha from Bro/Sis SOL) putting together youth demands to lobby Public Advocate Williams and Councilmember Lander on, especially for the 2021 mayoral election.

Next Steps

Internal Comms
…. Sophie sends meeting minutes
…. Sophie forward convening email to Jahin after sending it
…. Deborah and Sophie have next planning call
…. Sophie sends Slack poll to find date for next Mission Circle Meeting

…. Michael will guide Kellen and Sophie in working on their handbook

Art and Design
…. Kellen will schedule a brainstorming session with Carline, Deborah, Rachel, Sophie, and an adult ally (A.L.)

External Comms
…. Carline and Jackie will review BLM and Name Change newsletters before sending them
…. Everyone will send BLM content to Carline

…. William and Sophie will continue attending the Bro/Sis SOL meetings

Outreach and Partnerships
…. Deborah will schedule the next meeting

Upcoming Agenda Items

Clarify wording in the merge proposal (mission, vision, and aims).
Regroup Merging and Strategy Helping Circles so that they start their work.

Next Meeting Date and Time

Finance Meeting August 3rd at 6:30pm
Secretaries’ Meeting August 2nd at 10am
TBD Art and Design Meeting
TBD External Comms Meeting
TBD Outreach and Partnerships Meeting
TBD Strategy Meeting
TBD Merging Meeting

Link to Full Meeting Notes:

Attended By

Board Members

Deborah Chang
Far Pritte (just at the beginning)
Jackie McKinney
Julisa Pérez Gómez
Michael Partis

½ Quorum of Board Reached?

Not Applicable

Additional Circle Members

Carline Boston
Sophie Xu
William Diep

½ Quorum of Additional Mission Circle Reached?

Not Applicable


Kadija Kone
Kellen Zeng
Rachel Kate Miller
Aneth Naranjo
Joaquin Soto
Matt Gonzales

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