Implement Paid / Compensated Roles / People

This is a topic to track the implementation of Make Organizing Financially Accessible, Sustainable, and Joyful

Phase 1: Research


Check current hours
Understand consulting requirements
Ask existing organizers about their financial experience: knowledge and skills, current sources of resources, decision-making process, philosophies
Get insights from other organizations

Time Tracking

We’re tracking time spent by general circle members at Time Tracker - Compensation.


Ask Community Resource Exchange, Sustainable Economy Laws Center, and MVVN for potential leads.

Project Goals

  • We’re able to pay staff members equitably!
  • We have the resources and system needed to do this sustainably


  • Implementation, not just research and design
  • Alignment with our principles

Work Products
Whether directly created or sourced from other organizations/resources.

  • Time tracking, payroll, and accounting system
  • Legal agreements
  • Insurance
  • Training

Leads for Consultants
Future Incubator
Peer Defense Project
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Community Resource Exchange

Resourcing the Project
Apply to New York Foundation Capacity Building Grants

Survey of Financial Experience

Search “Survey of Financial Experience” in our Shared Google Drive (Keep Private)

Questions we’re currently asking:

What’s your age? What are things about your specific situation that are relevant to an understanding of your financial situation?

What is your current financial situation?
current income, current net worth, access to resources

How sustainable is your current financial situation? What’s your definition of sustainable? Would you say you have excess, you’re thriving, you’re just making it, or you’re struggling?

What are your philosophies around money?

What do you know about money? What do you need to learn?

How does money influence where you decide to invest your time?

We’re implementing paid staff members at Youth Power Coalition: what ideas do you have about how we do this?

What else do you want to share that you haven’t had an opportunity to share yet?

What, if anything, should we change about these questions?