Implement a Social Media management tool

It’s not as necessary now, but as Social Media grows, it may become beneficial to have a Social Media management tool that allows the team to schedule posts across multiple platforms and to have one central place for people to respond to messages.

I highly recommend Buffer as that platform. I’ve used it before and their company has aligned values like transparency and equitable pay! The pricing is also per channel.

Check out Buffer below.

We also need to consider engagement, both via comments and private messages.

With Team Addon, we can engage with Facebook and Instagram comments via Buffer but it doesn’t handle DMs. To handle DMs, perhaps we could use MailClark? They currently only do Facebook DMs but Instagram may become available as Facebook and Instagram merge more.

Another platform I’m exploring with is, which allows us to engage with the DM side of things - Facebook DMs (but not Instagram DMs yet) and Tweets (messages but also retweets and mentions) and emails.

What about Discourse? We could also use Discourse as a ticketing platform where something like Zapier sends all of our messages to a private Discourse category where people can be assigned and then respond.

@saf @JackieM What do you all think about getting a Social Media management tool for Youth Power Coalition so that it’s easier for a distributed team of people to schedule posts? We can start with the free version and then upgrade with budget + needing multiple users. I personally like Buffer because of their values and because they change per social media channel, not per user.

If we use Buffer, steps include

Apply for Buffer for Nonprofits
Setup Introducing Our Canva Integration: Design and Share Visual Content Instantly
Write Social Media Manager role description
Write directions on how to be Social Media Manager