I was just selected to fill a circle facilitator role! Now what? (Draft)

Welcome to the world of filling a circle facilitator role!

As filler of a circle facilitator role, you help meetings run with equivalence and efficacy. You help make possible our principles of #community-led, #co-creative, #equity-centered, and #human-centered as well as our values of #lead-with-love, #embrace-emergence, and #own-our-impact. Your exact responsibilities:

“[Insert responsibilities here]”

—[Insert link to Policies and Procedures Document explaining responsibilites here])


We (your fellow circle facilitators past and present) have found that the following information super helpful. Read on, enjoy, and circle back with your own contributions to this guide!

The First 30 Days

  1. Request access to

    • [Create Circle Facilitator group on Discourse]. As part of this Discourse group, you become a forum leader. Read Understanding Discourse Trust Levels “Trust Level 4 - Leader” to understand your new forum powers.
    • [Create Facilitator Google Group]. As part of this Google Group you get permission to do things like change the YPC General Coordination Calendar.
  2. Become an expert in

  3. Ask your fellow circle members for support and feedback on how you’re doing.

  4. Update this post to make it even better for future facilitators.


[Write guidelines]