How to Post on Social Media

We can post on Youth Power Coalition’s social media accounts? Our Social Media Managers. But that’s not all - anyone, anyone at all can request new posts to be made!

Step 1: Request Post

Person who has an idea provides a document with detailed descriptions of what the social media post should have information-wise.




Describe the design you want. Include any images.
Or, use Canva and share an editable link


@ specific people in the post


  1. Be welcoming, polished, and fun

  2. Add hashtags

    1. For accessibility, use CamelCase
    2. Our favorite hashtags: #YouthPower #CollectiveImpact #YouthAdvocates #YouthVoices #YouthPowerCoalition
    3. Write alt text / image description (see Guidelines for Creating Image Descriptions and How to Add Alternative Text and Image Descriptions to Instagram Posts)

Any Guidance for Responses to Comments and/or DMs

See an example here: What does youth leadership mean to you? Instagram Series

Step 2: Social Media Manager Designs Post

Tip: Use Canva for Design

Follow YPC Brand Guidelines (Needs Updating: YPC Brand Book Guide)

Hint: If the requester includes images in a google document, use this trick to download them: 3 Easy Ways to Download Images from Google Docs - BetterCloud

Step 3: Gather Reactions

The social media manager shares a draft of the social media post with the requestor and any other related folks and makes any changes as necessary.

Step 4: Post

Post on Instagram Only

  1. Download your images
  2. Go to on your computer
  3. + and Select from Computer
  4. Use the icon on the bottom right if you’re adding multiple images in one post
  5. Copy and paste the caption
  6. Copy and paste the alt text in Accessibility
  7. Share!

Post on Facebook and Instagram

We’re still figuring this out. :slightly_smiling_face:


How to get access to YPC’s Social Media Pages


Our Social Media Pages include

  • Instagram
  • Linktree
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

We’re focusing on Instagram and Linktree right now!

We also have access to Canva Pro.


  • Who answers the direct messages and comments? (still have to decide in the comms team but for now, the social media managers who add their name at the end so people know the exact person who’s responding)