Host a Recruitment Without Applications Webinar

I’ve been thinking about how I keep on seeing calls for young people to apply for leadership positions whereas at YPC we’ll never have an application process. I think we could host a webinar about recruiting without applications to both train YPC members internally to do this recruitment, but to also spread the practice and get feedback on it from the wider community. Colorado Youth Congress, for example, asked for this.

Brainstorming the Content

  • Why no applications?
  • How does this relate to equity?
  • What are the mindset shifts?
  • What’s the process?
    • Make clear role descriptions
    • Make goals regarding equity
    • Send out the call
    • Rundown call
    • Exploration period including check-ins
    • Selection ceremony
    • Lead role holder check-ins
    • Transitioning / term limits
    • Shared tracking and information
  • What to do if too many people show interest?
  • What’s next?
    • Volunteer database
    • Paying organizers
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