Finalize 2020 YPC Logo


Editable source version
Transparent background


Fix spacing

Versions Needed

Square logos
120 × 120
512 x 512 or greater
Includes “Youth Power Coalition” written out
Black and White
Rectangular logos
At least 280 in width, and at least 150 in height, ratio of at least 3:1 width to height


Currently logos are stored in Canva’s BrandKit but this won’t be accessible to everyone. Idea, let’s have logos stored in Google Drive.

Places To Update

Social Media

Instagram Profile
Facebook Profile
Linkedin Profile
Twitter Profile


Website Logo
Website Favicon
Fundraising Pages (Flipcause)


Hub Logo
Hub Banner
Hub Favicon

@kellen and I just had a conversation about this logo transition.

The technical details are that Kellen

  • Used MediBang on the iPad to draw the YPC logo with a stylus.
  • Used Superimpose on iPad to remove the background.
  • Images can be saved as PNG and/or JPEG, not in SVG or other editable format. I’ve attached the logo below!

Kellen’s working on finding the logo design meeting notes, too, so that we can remind ourselves of what the thinking was behind this logo design.

Here are the notes from the Logo redesign session. Thanks Kellen!

YPC Logo

@esepetia22 @Carlee123 @kellen What do you think about this idea? Have a seven pointed star in the background of YPC?

I’m playing around with it in our YPC Logo Activity Google Slides.

Image Description: Screenshot of idea!

Screenshot of Google Chrome (12-8-20, 11-10-40 AM)

Progress update from @esepetia22 and me.

Spacing has been fixed.

Next steps are the logo versions, the logo with words, and storage of logos. Emmanuela will contact Kellen about the logo with words and will request talking about her proposal to store relevant designs in our Google Drive after they’ve been designed in Canva.


Here’s a screenshot from how the YPC logo shows up on the Youth Vision for Education Justice in NYC document that was just released. I noticed that the transparent background of the YPC logo isn’t clean, which is why there are fuzzy pixels all around.

Screenshot of Mailplane (1-28-21, 2-15-38 PM)

I think you had already fixed this in another logo version, right but correct me if I’m wrong.

@JukyChen You had said that we could have different versions of the logo. Could you say more? What specific types of versions are you thinking we could have?

I do not think that the start symbol represents the values of YPC. I love the fist in the letter P. Maybe we could use the connection or circle symbol for the logo.

Our most updated logos are finished and are in our Canva brand kit!

Organizers, you can access it in our Logos folder on the Shared Drive as well.