Explore Every Action for our new Contact Relationship Manager

Update: after exploring EveryAction, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually NOT the platform we need right now because it charges based on number of records which is directly in conflict with our desire to be a network. In a network, the cost of adding an additional person needs to be marginal.

In addition, Flipcause provides web development support and if we switched to EveryAction, we’d need to set up our own website.

Finally, I believe the answer to our advocacy needs may be ActionNetwork. It’s a free open source platform, can be learned, and has federation features. I think Sunrise Movement uses it to great effect.


We likely need to move off of Flipcause because of

  • User experience (Flipcause is not very user friendly)
  • Features (Flipcause does not have advocacy tools)
  • Mailing (Flipcause’s email options are not aesthetically pleasing)

One potentially great option is Every Action.

Note: this CRM project is related to a full related project around how or CRM and our Website should interact. If we move our website completely to YPC, then we’ll need to make sure we can embed things in the Hub, for example.

I’m using this post to test the embed code.

Contribution form example:

Embed code:

<link rel='preload' href='https://d3rse9xjbp8270.cloudfront.net/at.js' as='script' crossorigin='anonymous'>

<link rel='preload' href='https://d3rse9xjbp8270.cloudfront.net/at.min.css' as='style'>

<script type='text/javascript' src='https://d3rse9xjbp8270.cloudfront.net/at.js' crossorigin='anonymous'></script>

<div class="ngp-form"