Decide on our Discourse/Hub Personal Message Policies

We need to decide whether users can send personal messages to one another on the Hub.

I’m concerned with personal messages because it may make it much harder to moderate our community and keep our digital communications safe.

I did learn thay they’re actually viewable to all admin, and when flagged to all moderators tough, so it IS possible to moderate.

If we do have personal messages, I would want a norm to be that you must always ask if you can personal message someone if you aren’t already connected. I would also want to make sure that people know how to turn off personal messaging for themselves.

I’m definitely leaning towards not allowing personal messages at all except for staff what can always message anyone. We can always add it later if the need does arise, but it’s much harder to shut down.

Another option is to have only members of the Team group be able to PM. After all, members of the Team will have each other’s email addresses anyway so they will already have permission to contact one another. Plus, they’ve been vetted. We could still have an ask for people to check first before they PM but this would be an option. I’m still learning to no PMs at all to start, and we can see if feedback comes back saying that actually, people really do want to PM each other.

If PMs are turned off, does that also mean groups can’t message one another? Is that the desired behavior?


Figure out how to make it possible, even, to have private messages shut down but still start discobot

Test out Group messaging behavior when PMs are turned off

Figure out how people can message moderators if they’re concerned about anyone. Can currently message moderators as a group, but what if the concern is about someone on the moderation team? Can people send anonymous messages instead? Or do we list moderator emails so we can say if you’d like to message people directly to handle, please email?

@Sophie.Xu I’d love to have your opinion on this!