December Meeting Minutes

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Board Circle
December 15 Strategy Meeting.
In Attendance:
Rachel Kate Miller, Michael Partis, Deborah Chang, Farzana Pritte, Jacquelyn McKinney, Carline Boston

  • Approved November 2019 meeting minutes
  • Decided on new programming & initiatives that including training, networking with youth groups/orgs, etc.
  • Committed to increase networking with traditional orgs and youth-led org/group
  • Next meeting will be for the first planning team meeting for the launch event

Next Steps

-Planning Team First Meeting agenda by Rachel by December 27

-1st draft of the survey by Carline by January 2

-Set up zoom meeting by Far by December 18

-Thank You to Kyle for providing space by Deborah by December 15

Next meeting date/time : January 2, 6-7pm

[Link to Last Meeting’s Agenda](


Hi There, I"d like to add that the programming which was decided involved setting up/establishing a monthly program - monthly programs of which the non profit rollout/launch event will be one of them. Thanks! And Happy New Year!