Customize Knowledge Explorer / Docs

We need a way to keep track of our help documents.


  • What’s the difference between having knowledgebase be in tags versus in categories and when should we do which?
  • How do we distinguish between the information that’s relevant to the team versus the information that’s relevant to the entire coalition and the public. Which goes where?



Rename “Documentation Policies” in menu
Install Discourse Docs Card Filter Component - theme - Discourse Meta
Figure out how “policy” and “guides” work together. What’s the difference? Do guides live as tags or in categories? Maybe policy is YPC specific and guides are public-facing? Or maybe tag topics with audience like new-organizer or new-partner.
Consider changing “reporting” to “documenting” Decided on “sharing” which includes both documenting and reporting


  • What are policies?
  • What does it mean to document policies? On the Hub, but also documentation in other places because the Hub isn’t always the only place to document things.
  • What are documentation best practices?
    • Emily of emphasized that documentation is about the mission and documentation can be fun!
    • Have only one source of information. If information needs to be repeated elsewhere, link back to the one source + write directions in that source about what else needs to be updated when it happens.
  • When do we document directly in the topic and when do we link out to something like a Google Doc?
    • Default to Hub
    • Google Doc for very long, structured documents (for example, Bylaws) where editing discussions will likely happen in multiple comments threads
    • Google Doc for anything that needs to be printed/sent to others on a regular basis
  • What are the admin settings for how we’re using the Docs plug-in?
  • What are the dependencies?
  • How do we change settings?


Related Projects

I think that having how-tos within a specific category makes a lot of sense, as policies are made by circles. However, if we do it that way, we have a problem where muted categories don’t show up in Knowledge Explorer.

Muted topics now show up! I’m moving this to implementing because we’re now onto describing how to document things.