Customize Discourse Calendar Plug-in

The Discourse Calendar / Events plug-in allows people to add dates to topics. I think it’ll be useful for things like the external comms content calendar where each project can stand for the date a piece of content is scheduled to go out.

Documentation on how the Discourse Events Plug-in works below.

Install Discourse Calendar
Change time format. We could use AM/PM because that’s the convention in the United States where we’re based, but I can also see how other countries may prefer the 24 hour time.
Customized hamburger menu text js.discourse_post_event.upcoming_events.title
Decide what is put in the Discourse events vs. what is put on Google Calendar and when to use Discourse events RSVP vs. other systems. Current idea is to use it as Deadlines because the most immediate thought I had was that what makes Discourse events different is that people can discuss things whereas Google Calendar is for more set things. Deadlines inevitably include things that need to be discussed and are often relevant only to certain circles so are a good example of what to use on Discourse. Can also be linked with Discourse Assign.
Write documentation on how to do the above

Update: I’ve installed Discourse Calendar and have tested it out for several projects, mostly grants! I think it’s good enough to document and train other people on now. I’ve moved this back to idea though because we can pick it up again later.