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Note: Copied from Slack conversation to be continued here.

Okay you all, totally random but also amazing (I think). When we were #NYCEDU, we had a #NYCEDU mascot to do things like welcome people to Slack and our online forum. I propose that we have a mascot for YPC as well, and that that mascot be a really cute octopus with YPC colors!

Why? Because our movement is basically like an octopus. We want to be connective tissue that reaches into every part of NYC. Octopi also have neurons throughout their entire body that allow each tentacle to act intelligently on its own while being connected to the greater whole, just like how we work sociocratically and in partnership with so many different people. And, octopi can fit in anywhere, which is what we want to be able to do, too.

[Image Description: Drawing of a purple octopus that shows how cute octopi can be]



Love the idea! Maybe we should have #external-comms folx design the mascot, if they want to? I think we can change the octopus’s design and color (maybe we could have rainbow :rainbow: shades)?


For fun, this was #NYCEDU’s mascot
[image description: drawing of a puppy in green]


Another idea I have is for our mascot to be a star because one way we can think about YPC members is as constellations — the more we live out our values of Youth Led Collective Impact, the brighter each member shines and the brighter we are as a network.

[Image Description: photo 1 shows the 7Cs of Collective Impact in a radar chart with each C at the end of one point. The transition from photo 2 to photo 3 is a visual of how organizations that start at low on any one scale can grow to fill out the whole chart]

image image image


^ :heart: Also love octopus? Time to read carefully


Very cute! I like the idea of a star


How’s this for a mascot? 7 pointed star with cute smiley face! And what’s a good name for our mascot?



Love that!^ Deborah and I discussed the difference between an evaluative star (based on the star pictures in one of Deborah’s earlier replies) and a mascot (like the one Deborah drew). We were trying to propose names for the mascot. Below is a star that I drew, which is based on the idea that the mascot can be changing over time and can be based on our growth. The extent to which the dark black lines fill/cover the star shows the extent to which we fulfill the 7Cs of Collective Impact, which is why our star has 7 different points. The star also has a smiley face in the middle. I think the diff between my star mascot and Deborah’s is the fact that hers does not change and mine does (the star has a center that fills as we grow):



How about the mascot is just named “Star”?


Sure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ^

I searched stars in nature and got this image! See the 7 pointed star leaf on the bottom right hand corner


Image Description: Photo of four ways stars show up in nature. Upper left hand corner: two flowers with 5 petals each. Upper right hand corner: five pointed leaf. Lower left hand corner: spindly star pattern on a plant bud. Lower right hand corner: seven pointed leaf.


Beautiful quote from Erin D. in a conversation about sustainability of community weaving.

When we’re connected with the stars, we can feel abundant in life. Your abundance lives within your relationship with Creation.

As I’m working on this, I realize that I actually think the 7 pointed star can be part of our main YPC logo? We have “Power” well represented, but not yet “Coalition” or the sense of “collective”. I’ll bring this up in the Finalize YPC Logo topic.

See discussion here:

In this case, maybe our mascot is like a comment of something!

Quote from Kwame of Community Learning Journey about ancestors:

Everyone is connected to a star and that star has your name. At the same time, each star has a song and a dance. The stars are your ancestors.

Hi! I’m just putting my temporary profile pic here until my full look can be designed for me.

If I end up as something other than a star, make sure I change my username and then update my auto-posting services like Zapier and Integromat!

star profile pic

Image Description: Drawing of a five pointed star with a smiley face inside.