Create Pledge Cards by February 20th, 2020

@Carlee123 and @Far-Pritte - Here’s the info on the Pledge Card!


Pledge cards are used at the end of a fundraiser to generate support for our campaign! They are paired with a speech by someone who walks people through that pledge card process. We need to provide a way for people to feel that donating time, talent, and treasure are equally important.


Write draft for content of pledge card
Create electronic version of pledge card (will this be on Google
Create and QR code for electronic pledge card
Create paper version of pledge card
Print paper version
Write speech for pledge card


Sample Card
Screenshot of Google Chrome (2-14-20, 3-00-36 PM)

Sample Speech (go onto Discourse to read this)

“My name is So and So.” I’m on the Board.” He told his own story, very, very moving about why he was involved in the school but succinct. He said, “We know that most of you didn’t know why we invited you here. What we were going to ask you for here today. You came here because you trusted your friend who invited you. So when we thought about this, we realized we ought to tell you what it is we really need.” He went on to tell them how we had given raises to the teachers causing a shortfall in our operating budget of $600,000 and he said, “We have about 600 kids in the school. If you would like to support the ongoing work of the school, you have an opportunity today to become a Founding Member of our Sponsor A Student Society. Now I would like to pause and ask the table captains to pass out the pledge cards. You notice there was no pledge card waiting at your seat so you could conveniently fill it out and leave early.”

He said, “Let me walk you through this. Box number one says if you give us $1,000 for each of the next five years you would be making up the operating shortfall for the equivalent of one student.” Notice how I said that, making up the operating shortfall for the equivalent of one student. Out of 850 people at the event, we did not get 1,000 people there, 115 of them checked that box. Now the IRS requires that you must report all pledges as if they are received on the day that they are pledged. Therefore, by IRS standards we had just raised over $500,000. He went on, he said, “We know that some of you are capable of giving even more. If you would give us $10,000 a year for five years you would be sponsoring 10 students.” Eight people did that and $25,000 a year for the next five years to sponsor a whole classroom of 25 students, four more people did that.

He paused and said, “I want to thank those of you who have just become Founding Members of our Sponsor A Student Society. Now I would like to ask the rest of you who may not have checked off a box yet, to tell us in box four how much you would like to give and for how many years.” In other words, a fill in the blank box leaving the donor right in the driver’s seat. Some people said I’ll give you $100 once, $50 three times. Whatever it was, we were very happy to accept their gift. The last box we had typed it in and it said, “Please contact me. I have other thoughts to share.” This was for the people who even if they had checked one of these boxes perhaps they had real estate to transfer, stock to transfer, or they had their own family foundation that they were on, or maybe they just had some good advice for us.
— From [55-Minute Recorded Seminar: Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit](http://55-Minute Recorded Seminar: Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit)

@michael and @rachelkate.miller Please see the current Pledge Cards draft and give feedback on it over the weekend so that Far and Carline can work on the design!

Meanwhile @Carlee123 and @Far-Pritte, let me know if there’s anything else you need from us as you all design the pledge card so it’s welcoming and fun and honors the leadership of youth leaders and adult allies alike.

I also think it makes sense to have an electronic version as well. What do you think?

p.s. Our logos are in this google folder.

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I left some notes and asked some questions about the current text of the pledge card.

Excited to see what y’all come up with!



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