Create our 2022 Circle Aims

We need to finalize our circle aim!

Here’s the brainstorm from our February 10th Meeting

Exploring Vision/Goals/Subdomains

  • Carline: Hoping we take on what outreach partnerships did. They handled recruitment and partnership opportunities.
  • Trinity: Hope for this circle to be able to recruit students or young people in general interested in advocacy. Being able to find those people and help them support our cause.
  • Deborah: Building up structures to recruit people and partners. Hosting community events.
  • John: Numbers not what matters the most. It’s about consistency. Setting up the bar of what is a member. Need to control quality of what folks are trying to do. Need to evaluate and be honest with members time.
  • Juky: Agree with structure and setting systems that are foundations. People join and they see the value and they commit. Also recruit donors.


  • Carline: Creating a sustainable structure for youth power coalition members, current and former
  • Trinity: Bringing people in and giving them a sense of not wanting to leave - creating a safe bond
  • Deborah: Weaving community to foster relationships so that we can all work together but add something about weaving a committed member
  • John: Creating a culture for members to stay, not just for the cause, but for the friendship and camaraderie that folks can create - in spaces like this people could burn out, so need to create culture
  • Juky: Question is, how might we recruit youth who are committed? They see the vision and that works as intrinsic motivation.

@JukyChen We had in next steps that you will synthesize these notes to come up with a one sentence aim + sub-aims. How has it been going?