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Hi Deborah! This is Terry with Sunrise Movement. I see that you signed up to receive updates from the movement. I was wondering, what got you interested in Sunrise?


Hey Deborah,

I bet that you—just like me—have felt the fear of the climate crisis looming over us.

Maybe you’ve felt scared about supercharged hurricanes, droughts, and forest fires.

Maybe you’ve felt dread of pollution filling your lungs or Big Ag destroying land stewarded by your people for generations.

And all the while? The politicians that are supposed to fight for us stand idly by.

Maybe that reminds you how much they’ve failed us at every turn—not just over climate change. What about your student loans, your family’s medical emergency, or police surveilling your neighborhood?

Maybe you believe that everyone - no matter race, class, or origin - should have the right to clean air, good jobs, and a livable future.

Let me say this—you are not alone. Sunrise is a movement of young people dedicated to stopping the crisis and creating millions of good jobs with the Green New Deal. We need you to join us. Will you sign up for a Sunrise Welcome call to meet other young people new to Sunrise and learn how you can get involved?

Join a welcome call

Right now, we’re trying to get a Civilian Climate Corps passed in Congress that can create over a million green new jobs - and we can succeed! But it’s going to take a lot of people getting LOUD and making their voices heard.

You can join the welcome call on your computer or phone and it’s only 1 hour. The volunteers who organize it are super nice, and they’re excited to meet you!

I (or another volunteer) might hit you up to check in and see where you’re at with this!

Talk to you soon!

Sophia, Sunrise Welcoming Team

Are you 35 years old or older?

Our welcome calls are geared toward youth, but you can opt-in to our 35+ supporter emails to learn about the roles you can play in the movement. There are many ways you can help us fight for a Green New Deal, and we want and need your support.

Welcome Call

Welcome Call Follow-Up

Thanks for joining! How was your experience?

Welcome to Sunrise!

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2021

8:30pm EDT

👍 👎 Sorry, I didn’t
make it

More you can do


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Hey Deborah,

Thanks so much for joining us yesterday! We’re so grateful and excited that you’re joining Sunrise. Welcome! Like we spoke about on the call, there’s plenty of work our movement needs to do in the next few months to win the livable world we’ve been fighting for.

To recap, this is what our strategy looks like. Right now, we are fighting to win the first pillar of the Green New Deal: the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) . Our goal is to popularize the Civilian Climate Corps in the public, press and political sphere as the pathway for our country to combat the climate crisis and put millions back to work after the pandemic. So far, we’ve organized 3 marches across the Gulf South, California, and Pennsylvania, marching over 750 miles total. We shut down the White House entrances 500 strong on June 28th. And we had a Day of Action across the country on July 15th that included a 2-night sleepover outside Dianne Feinstein’s office in California, a Dallas protest of Exxon, and more.

What’s next for our movement? Well, the best things you can do to plug into the movement, in order of priority are:

  1. Sign up for our training, winning the CCC. Come learn about the Civilian Climate Corps, how we can win it by the end of the summer, and how you can make a concrete difference in your community.

  2. Start a local hub in your school, town, or other community! It might seem like a daunting task, but we’ve got your back every step of the way, with guides, personalized coaching, and more. Just want to join a hub near you? Text “sunrise” to 79606 to get connected.

  3. Travel up to Minnesota to defend the water against pipelines! Join Sunrisers and Indigenous leaders protesting Line 3, a dangerous fossil fuel expansion pipeline. Learn more by joining our national interest call, July 26th at 7pm Central.

If you didn’t while on the call, please tell us how you are committing to take action with Sunrise! It takes 30 seconds.

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