Create New Members Process from Interest to Decision to Join

UPDATE: Right now this topic talks a lot about the mechanics of member interest but I realize now that it’s so much about the experience flow instead. Here’s inspiration from a donor flow that came via Rhea Wong Accelerator that I think we can adjust to be applicable to everyone.

Image Description: Example of Donor Flow.
Recording of what the donor flow text says


The current process consists of people filling out a member interest form on google forms which circles can then review in their circle meetings but it’s hard to keep track of everyone and it relies on me a lot.

My idea now includes using the Custom Wizard Plugin for people to fill out and then members of the forum can reach out if interested. Meanwhile, the person who filled it out can enjoy the online community.

A good enough for now flow may be to just send an email to Recruitment Notes whenever the form is filled out and process from there.

Another idea!

Member interest form via Flipcause → email notification → post in private membership tracker category

Here’s an idea that moves away from having a centralized tracker and into having people who are interested in joining email circle google groups directly.

For example, interested in joining YPC as an organizer?

  1. Write an email with your name, pronouns, email addresses, what youth power means to you …
  2. Send to the circles you’re interested in! Here’s the list of circles to potentially join.

An in-between could be to send an automatic onboarding email as soon as someone fills out the interest form that has a lot of things that they can do to move the process forward.

Extinction Rebellion "Welcome to the Rebellion" Automatic Email Example


Welcome to Extinction Rebellion NYC!

You are now part of a global movement using nonviolent civil disobedience to minimize the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.

The time for denial is over – and it’s time to act . Our three-part training series will prepare you to participate in our movement safely and effectively:

  1. The Heading for Extinction (and What You Can Do About It) talk covers the climate crisis and Extinction Rebellion’s theory of change
  2. The Orientation Call focuses on our demands and principles and how to find your place in the movement
  3. Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) trainings teach the fundamentals of practicing nonviolent civil disobedience

In the meantime, take a minute to connect with other rebels by joining us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

With love and rage,

  • Extinction Rebellion NYC
Corporate Rebels Automatic Email Example

Corporate Rebels Logo

Hi fellow rebel,

Here’s our second - and final - onboarding email.

As a welcoming gift, we give you free access to the first chapter of our book, Corporate Rebels: Make Work More Fun . Click here for the PDF download.

If you want to order the full book, go to this page.

But wait…t here’s more for you.

In this welcoming message we’ll help you with your onboarding to the Corporate Rebels movement. You’ll:

  • learn more about us;
  • get an overview of our top blog posts;
  • find out all about tools, practices, and approaches to make work more fun ;
  • Get access to The Underground - our secret newsletter;
  • discover 5 ways to actively participate in the global Corporate Rebels movement.

About Corporate Rebels
Back in January 2016, we quit our corporate jobs. Like most people, we worked in outdated workplaces characterized by inertia, bureaucracy and a lack of motivation. We simply couldn’t accept that the world of work – for far too many – is a place full of misery and despair.

In order to fight those dreadful workplaces, we started a blog – Corporate Rebels. By checking off our Bucket List, we visit the world’s most inspiring workplaces. We combine those practical insights with academic findings from our PhD research. Along the way, we share everything we learn.

Our work has been featured in media outlets like The New York Times , Forbes , The Huffpost , BBC and The Guardian . Along the way, we’ve been nominated for several awards, were listed among the “ Top 30 Emergent Management Thinkers ”, and won the Thinkers50 Radar Award in 2019.

Over the years, Corporate Rebels has grown into much more than just a blog. By expanding our activities we’ve been able to grow our impact around the world.
Here’s an overview of the things we mostly do.

  • Presentations & workshops
    • We share everything we learn at conferences, companies and events around the world. We challenge the status quo. We share inspiration. We give no-nonsense advice. Here’smore information and a sneak peak into one of our earlier talks.
  • Rebel Events
    • We bring together a wide variety of rebels during our full-day Rebel Events. We connect, learn, and share to jointly boost the workplace revolution in cities around the world. Check out the full calendar and get your tickets here.
  • The Corporate Rebels Book
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  • Online Academy
    • A unique place to train, connect, and support those who are looking to radically redesign their companies. Think of it as a training camp for corporate rebels. More info here.

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For those of you who feel like reading up on everything we’ve ever written, we also have a list of all the stuff we’ve written so far.

Tools and practices to change your workplace

During our visits to 150+ pioneers we uncovered 8 trends. These trends separate the most progressive workplaces from those riddled with frustration and despair. It’s what separates the bold from the boring.

By clicking this link, you’ll find an overview of the trends—plus a list of practices and case studies for each trend. It’s the perfect starting point to make your work more fun.

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\ 500x116

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The team at Corporate Rebels

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We just had a great Outreach Partnerships meeting where we discussed this project! Notes:

  • @faria : Info structure going well. Need outreach changes because people are interested in the info session after it’s over.
  • @williamdiep: Like the personal nature of 1-1 calls. Challenge is the length of time that the whole process takes.
  • @deborahchang: Likes rundown call but also yes, takes a long time. Thinking about making the process more decentralized.
  • @Obrian: We’ve been very intentional about protecting energy and space - we don’t want anyone to come here and tear it down. The application process is kind of rolling so when people are coming in at different times, it’s hard to manage. If we were taking the team approach, we could take a phased approach. E.g. summer relax, onboard fall, reach out winter.
  • @Carlee123: Yes to seasons + yes to decentralizing. Having other circles be buddies for people who are specifically interested in that circle. The concern is capacity - it could take a lot to do run-down calls and keep track of people. Training people to be buddies and having them comfortable to be that - how can we make sure everyone is equipped and comfortable enough to take on this role.

This is an example of how people join the Future Coalition Community

I had the insight that this membership tracker does not need to be just about the recruitment process. Rather, it can become our shared leadership development space. I imagine I could be responsible for my own topic and then update it with my performance reviews, self-reflections, links to documents, etc. In other words, it’s a portfolio space.


Upon further reflection, and upon noting how much we already document, I think it makes much more sense for member tracking to just stay ephemeral, going from initial contact to completed onboarding. From there, everything needs to move to Flipcause where we can track event participation, organizer signups, donations, etc.

Thought experiment - What if people who sign a member interest form actually sign via Discourse instead?

Benefits are

  • Interested people may be encouraged to poke around and stumble across some topics they want to get involved with immediately
  • Member information goes into Discourse automatically for organizers to follow up on (for example, interested people could fill out the Custom Wizard)

Things to watch out for are

  • We still need to figure out how this summary email works and make sure that muted topics aren’t randomly sent to people. It’s a contant problem and will likely turn people off who are not eager to be overly communicated with
  • Joining a forum seems like a much bigger lift than filling out a form. It could be asking for too much at the beginning.
  • Having the join form be embedded within a website itself is helpful and friendly. I’m not sure how embeddable a form to Discourse is.

Latest update is that our current process is now

  • Potential member fills out the join the team interest form
  • Zapier automatically creates a topic in our Recruitment Notes category
  • A person’s recruitment process is tracked through when they either join the team or they exit the process

I’m liking this example of how members are chosen

@JukyChen Ideas

Allow people to have access to Slack from the website before the 1-1 introduction meeting.

Here’s an example from XR Youth NYC

Host an Intro Call (Advertised on Instagram)

This Sunday we are hosting an introductory call for new members and those interested.:heartbeat:
Everyone is welcome and encouraged.
We will explain our organizing strategies, current projects, and future actions you can get involved in.
Fill out the form named “intro call sign up form” in our linktree (in our bio) and we will send you the zoom link!

Fill out an Interest Form

Before you join XRYNYC we would like to collect some info about what you’re good at and what you’re interested in! This is not an application (we welcome everyone into our space), just a reference so we can find a place for you in our organizing structure.

After you fill out this form, you will be prompted to watch an intro video and will receive a welcome doc. Once we have received your form we will reach out and send you the next steps. We can’t wait to work with you! <3 love + rage!

After filling out the form…

Thank you for filling this out! Next, you should watch this info video: Intro Call! - YouTube and message us when you are done. If you have questions, let us know!

Get Video and Welcome Document