Create Leadership Development Reviews and Plan Templates

We just did our first leadership development review. Yay! I’d love for us to have a template so that it’ll be easier for people to do leadership reviews in the future.

Helpful materials

Brainstorm of agenda template

  • Focus person name in title

  • Skiplinks

    • Meeting notes
    • Google folder? (does each member have a folder?)
    • Hub topic? (does each member have a Hub topic?)
    • Plans? Same doc or different doc?
  • Pre-meeting

    • List who needs to be part of the review:
      • at least one-two members of each circle you’re part of
      • at least one-two members of each circle you collaborate with a lot
      • any external stakeholders like partners, contributors, and/or initiatives
      • confirmation that the overall makeup of members of the review represents all relevant and related levels from the organization, knows the focus person well, and includes a variety of voices
    • Appoint facilitator (with their consent)
    • Gathers relevant documents like projects completed, training completed, work samples
      . - Schedule meeting date / facilitator sends out agenda
  • Meeting Agenda

    • Checkins
    • ADMIN
    • Norms
    • Consent to Agenda
    • Understand
      • Review role description(s), previous leadership development plans (focus person presents, rounds for clarifications)
      • did well round (focus person starts and ends)
      • could do better round (concrete examples, advice comes later!) (focus person starts and ends)
    • Explore
      • Leadership development areas (as many rounds as necessary)
      • Leadership development plan ideas (including measurements and timeline) (as many rounds as necessary)
      • Leadership development plan proposal (in real time if easy or outline here but complete outside of meeting)
    • Decide
      • clarifying questions round
      • consent to the leadership development plan and/or consent to plan for proposing and consenting to leadership development plan
    • Backlog
    • Next Steps
    • Check-out/Meeting evaluation
  • Post-meeting

    • Announcements
    • Meeting report
    • Update internal comms systems (to be created)

Brainstorm of plan template

  • Name of focus person in the title
  • Name of leadership coach
  • Start date, check-in dates, and end date
  • Menu of options (training, leadership coach, etc.)
  • TBD

@Sophie.Xu Here’s what I currently have on leadership development reviews!