Create Individual Fundraising Offer Script

I’m testing out how to ask for contributors to Youth Power Coalition.

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Check for Willingness To Give

Asking whether someone wants to learn about making a contribution to YPC

We’re raising money now for Youth Power Coalition. I feel great asking friends to support the cause of youth-led collective impact. Let me know if you’d like to learn more to make a contribution, too this holiday season!

Checking back in with strong supporters that I've been out-of-touch with

Hey, it’s been a bit since we last talked. Sorry I disappeared after COVID-19 hit! I don’t know how you’ve been coping but I definitely went into overdrive mode to make sure young people and my neighbors in Jackson Heights were taken care of.

Checking in to see when might be a good time for us to catch up either via texting or a quick call - would love to hear where you are, to share where #NYCEDU (now Youth Power Coalition is), and explore how you’d like to contribute, whether that’s as a volunteer, as someone who can mentor/give expertise, and/or as a member of our monthly donors club, the Youth Power Pack ( :heart:

Making the Ask

What financial contribution level would bring you joy?

Responses to Yes

Responses to No

Response to Tell Me More

Getting Feedback

Commonly Asked Questions and Comments

What is the money for?

Sorry I can’t give more.

Learned this from the Rhea Wong Fundraising Accelerator. We’re not making an ask, we’re making an offer to join the movement.

I’ve updated the language on this topic to match!

Example of how the Third Wave Fund mobilizes donor organizers.