Create Confidentiality Practices

How do we balance building in public with the need for confidentiality? I’m thinking the following:

We default to information accessible only to members of the team while looking for opportunities to make things accessible to people external (like our meeting notes and project plans) and being careful about the information that needs to be confidential within the team itself (like notes about accountability processes)

We are each responsible for clearly communicating when anything has a different confidentiality level than being available only to the team.

The principles behind this include having people have access to the information they need to fully participate in decision making, cultivating an accountable community, and making sure we have consent whenever information is shared.


Policies and Onboarding (Includes Confidentiality Policy)


I’ve added the following

Our meeting notes are open to everyone because we build in public. When we do need confidentiality, we let the facilitator and secretary know to use pseudonyms, use a private to the team only document, and/or keep things off the record.


Get feedback from current secretary role holders
Aneth: big fan
Sophie: likes it

Get feedback from people who are being onboarded. Seems to look good!


Right now confidentiality about the meeting notes is documented in our template and confidentiality about each platform is documented on our onboarding process, but the onboarding process may need to be broken out into separate Hub topics. Really really complicated, for sure. Closing this project now because policies have now been documented elsewhere.

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