Create Coaching Program

I think one thing the Leadership Development circle could do is create a coaching program where every team member will be coached. I had this experience most recently with Josh K. who coached me through founder dilemmas. It was SO SO helpful and I’m wondering how we might support people who want to be coached in owning their own leadership development.


  • Create templates that guide people in reflecting on their leadership journey. Make several versions, maybe, so people can choose the version that works best for them.
  • Create a rubric that people can track their progress on. Maybe this goes to our vision statement! Categories of that rubric can be about being happy, being healthy, and being impactful (with the 7Cs as the part about being impactful). We can also ask for each member, to what extent are they equipped with the skills, resources, and community supports needed to thrive! I really love this, actually.
  • Make this peer coaching and intergenerational coaching.
  • Make coaching a service that generates financial capital. It’s incredibly valuable. This could be part of our Patreon work!