Create Circle Directory

We’re going to use software to track our circles, members, and partners! This post tracks our progress.


Fill out circle descriptions
Finalize circle descriptions
External Communications
Internal Communications
Outreach Partnerships
Finalize Software (with Deborah)
Add everyone to Directory
Check that everyone has added their profile picture and mission statement


  • Build in Public (e.g. show who’s involved in what both individually and as partners)

  • Maintainable (e.g. when is Peerdom the source of truth and when does it need to be updated instead?)

FAQs we need to write

How do I add new people to Peerdom?

Setting Someone Up as a Member

  • Explain what Peerdom is for

  • Show a demonstration

  • Say their username is their email address

  • Add them as a peer with the correct permission level

  • Member

  • Editor

  • Owner

  • Ask them to add a profile picture required, pronouns optional, and mission optional

Setting Someone Up as an Editor

  • Secretary Role and Lead Role are given editor status

  • Link to Peerdom help docs

  • Guidelines on how to edit Peerdom circles, roles, peers, etc.

Setting Someone Up as an Owner

  • Link to Peerdom help docs

  • Link to this doc so they know guidelines for access

How do we edit our Peerdom?
What are our guidelines for access to Peerdom?

When Implementing

Directions for onboarding and offboarding members
Directions for onboarding and offboarding partners
Update directions for creating circles

Embed Link