Create Budgeting Process

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Could we instead make targets?

UPDATE: Next step is to create project budget template.

Hey! I have uploaded the budget template on Finance drive. Please take a look. Thanks!
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I just took a look! I also added reviewing the budget template on our agenda for the next finance meeting.

Hey! i’ve updated the budget template by adding a space for context. The new file is called “updated budget template” and it’s on the drive as well. The space for context of the budget is below the budget table and it’s titled “footnotes”. Cheers!

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I’m working on creating two project budgets at the moment

Some insights I’m having

  • I’d definitely benefit from a guide on how to create a budget, like, here’s a checklist of questions to ask and answer. I think this will be true of anyone at YPC who wants to create a budget. This could go into the pre-work before a budget meeting.
  • I’m having a lot of questions on how to source accurate estimates. This seems to be a balance of what’s equitable, who we work with, and what we determine are our budget constraints, and what we negotiate within those budget constraints.
  • Compensation/financial access is the biggest question mark for me. What do we make volunteer? What do we make time-based / project-based / role-based / person-based? What do we pay (living wage? volunteer stipend?) What do people pay us? (membership fee? donation? program fee?)


  • Have pre-work
  • Have internal finance consultants to facilitate budget meetings (Budget Delegates in Participatory Budgeting Process)
  • Have a guide for how to facilitate budget meetings
  • Collaborate with fundraising on how to generate revenue

@Nandy updated the project budget template!