Create Badges that Indicate Skill / Trust

There are things we want a bunch of YPC members to be able to do, but how do we make sure YPC members are trained to do them and can then independently get it done?

Idea is to create badges for each of these skills and use the Hub to track it! The benefit of using the Hub to track badges are

  1. The functionality is already there. See
  2. Members can choose the badges they’re interested in and find members who have it and can therefore reach out for peer training

Ideas for badges

  • Ambassador badge: Ambassadors are empowered to speak at events, etc., as YPC representatives. Just need to keep in communication (as always) but has the trust of teammates to make independent choices.
  • Partnerships liaison badge: Partnerships liaisons are empowered to meet 1-1 with potential partners and guide potential partnerships. They know how to use the partnerships tracker, how to have partnership conversations, etc.
  • Recruiter badge: Recruiters have rundown calls, trained in the memberships tracker, will buddy-up, can support potential members into full members.
  • Collaborations platform badge: Stellar with Slack, Hub, Google Groups, etc. Go to folks when needing collaboration platform help and onboarding.

@williamdiep I just wrote up a badge idea! What do you think about the idea? And what do you think about the ideas for badges? Add your own, too!

This is a list of a list of useful skills for social change advocates that we could use as inspiration.

Activist Organizer Assessment.pdf (84.1 KB)