Create Adult Ally Affinity Space

We need some Adult Ally training!

One idea is to have an adult ally affinity space.


  • How will this be resourced?
  • How will this generate resources?
  • How will this be an accountable community, both internally and to young people? e.g. maybe we have a “mission circle” that youth leaders are part of so they can make sure our space leads to this greater vision?
  • Who do we do this with?
  • What strategies will be most impactful?


  • As part of paid leadership development training
  • As part of consulting practice
  • As part of a Facebook group


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Nexus and I just had an amazing conversation and we’ll be exploring this some more. Our next step is to gather a few more people together for a discussion space.

@deborahchang I would be interested in participating in this affinity space. Let me know, since it has been awhile since the initial posting.

Yes, this is active! Now that you’ve commented you’ll be kept up to date on all updates related to this. Could you say more? What’s your interest? What would you hope to experience and learn?

I am circling back now that it’s been almost a year and we are entering a new (and different) school year and confronting new fears and/or challenges. What does this adult ally space look like now? What should it mean now? And are there other potential collaborations to strengthen initiatives/campaigns? What makes sense now?

What’s your interest, Sophia, in being an organizer of this work (within a team, of course!). @Carlee123 is recruiting for members of a leadership development circle that works to upskill both youth leaders and adult allies in intergenerational organizing, and adult allyship specific training is definitely a part of that.

I’m happy to connect with Carlee. And as an extension, include ideas and initiatives of ASID to support any of the work or ideas of youth leaders in YPC.

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