Create Action format (template for designing actions)

One of the things we need to do is create an action planning toolkit that allows for us to easily ramp up our actions starting from a basic template that ensures we have the 7Cs and our values embedded into the process from beginning to end and that supports organizers in saving time and organizing work.

Here’s an example from the DSA

@Far-Pritte Here’s an example of a fully built out template for project planning. This is just an FYI because eventually we’ll want to build our own!

An idea could be that after every event, we are expected to create a playbook for that event. It’ll include

  • Email templates
  • Slides
  • Agendas
  • Lessons learned
  • Historical information
  • Participant emails
  • Task-list

Each template will include archives of the years before, for posterity’s sake and to see the evolution of our messaging.

I wonder where to store these playbooks. Maybe this is something that goes into guides? Because every circle may want to run events, and seeing all the events laid out in one place might be really nice.

Here’s another resource for action templates:

I’ve attached the ones I think may be most useful.

CoCreative Project Concept Worksheets.pdf (407.0 KB)

CoCreative Initiative Group Map.pdf (267.7 KB)

CoCreative Backcasting an Initiative Map.pdf (2.6 MB)

I’d LOVE to find a version of CoCreative’s Empathy and Systems Leader Interviews, too.

@williamdiep Have you worked with any action format templates before?

Here are examples I’ve seen

I ask because this was one of our goals this year, for Youth Power Coalition to create an action format template and I think creating one as we do the Community Education Council campaign would be a good one!

I imagine you’ve used a lot throughout the years.

Interesting enough, I’ve never worked with a template before and I’ve mostly guided things by either a schedule or carefully listing out points!

Action formats from Sunrise Movement!

See all of Sunrise Movement’s organizing resources at Sunrise Movement