Create a way to filter out noise while making content accessible to everyone signed in

I’d like for everyone to have access to the content of categories like #projects:online-forum because of our value of #build-in-public. The online forum team can still have private conversations via our group direct messages, so that’s preserved!

At the same time, the online forum content will be interesting only to a small subset of people, and I don’t want them overwhelmed.


Set Default Mute (which means users won’t see these posts on “Latest” or in their digest emails.

Adjust for specific categories that shouldn’t be muted:

Have new members in the onboarding process adjust their notifications for the circles they join

Write an explanation that posts are muted for people to discover on their own how to change notifications for categories.

Ok, I think this is fine. It makes sense that there is a lot of overwhelming news we should filter it out. I am sure many people do not care about how the forum is built or improved :slight_smile: until we ask them :slight_smile:


I just implemented the steps I laid out

Keeping this topic in #evaluating so we can see how it works out, especially when we have multiple projects going and more people on the forum.

I wrote a FAQ on how this works for users

Newest update. I removed Shroud Categories and instead, within the native settings, chose the following instead I chose to mute all categories by default (Set the default notification level of all the categories to muted. Require users opt-in to categories for them to appear in ‘latest’ and ‘categories’ pages. If you wish to amend the defaults for anonymous users set ‘default_categories_’ settings). This simplifies our settings and also allows everyone to easily see everything that they choose! I did make exceptions for categories that are clearly for everyone, such as announcements, learning library, broadcasts, etc.

When Evaluating

  • People who are just dipping their toes into YPC for the first time. These are people who need the equivalent of a newsletter
  • People who are coalition members that want to get slightly more details like maybe posts in Random
  • Team members who are focused on just one or two circles
  • Team members who are focused on all the circles and want all the things

What’s problematic is that it seems people are emailed topics in their summary for circles they don’t follow.